Providing HVAC Safety To The Chicago Area

Midwest Mechanical helps building managers throughout Chicago maintain safe and secure environments for a wide range of facilities. From IT companies to residential skyscrapers, you can count on our trained technicians to carefully perform mandatory and proactive commercial HVAC services to protect building infrastructure.

As an OSHA compliant company, we understand that incorrect handling of complex and expensive HVAC equipment can result in unnecessary injury and property damage.  Which is why our safety conscious commercial HVAC technicians are trained on the proper tools and techniques for all heating and air conditioning services to ensure optimal operations.  

Midwest’s safety programs begin the first day of employment and continue through each employee's career to bring you reliable commercial HVAC services and peace of mind.

Safety Training For All Commercial HVAC Technicians Includes:

  • Meeting and often exceeding regulatory requirements of federal, state and local agencies

  • Maintaining OSHA compliance
Investing in real-world, hands-on training

  • Providing clients with a secure, encrypted portal

  • Ongoing, real-time safety bulletins

  • Ongoing, mandatory safety training sessions

Providing a comfortable, healthy and safe environment is essential to your business and our success.  Contact us for complete HVAC services that comply with your safety  


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