Public Sector Contracting

Midwest Mechanical offers public entities an innovative option for implementing capital improvement projects. Illinois State legislation has enabled schools, park districts, universities and other public entities to use a very effective alternative to the traditional architect led, design/bid/build approach. Midwest is able to directly offer our customers a full turnkey design/build offering through our cooperative purchasing contract.


How Is Midwest A Unique Choice For You?

When School District’s look to upgrade their facilities, they typically embark on the Traditional “Bid/Spec” method.  This is the most common method that Illinois public entities have used for years. It involves hiring an architect or engineer to develop a design, which is eventually “bid out” to contractors to do the work.  However, in many cases, it leaves the owner less than satisfied with the results. Our public sector customers usually pay at least 20% of the real project cost in design fees, procurement costs, and contingency, not to mention change orders.  Many public sector customers are looking for a more cost effective and quality oriented means to get projects done.

Midwest Mechanical was recently selected through a National RFP administered by the NCPA purchasing cooperative.  Illinois has a specific statute that allows for cooperation between state entities. This legislation allows for our contract which was advertised, bid and awarded by the Region XIV Education Service Center in Abilene, TX to be utilized by any Illinois public entity.

Illinois Statutes

Chapter 5 General Provisions
Act 220 Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

5 ILCS 220

Midwest’s offering through the Co-Op is superior to the Traditional Bid/Spec method in several respects.  

  1. It is the Most Cost Effective Approach

  2. It offers the Most Effective Project Delivery

  3. It is the Fastest method to Implement 

The following chart shows how Midwest is able to utilize our vendor neutrality, In-House Labor, In-House Design, and Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide the Best, Fastest, and Most Cost Effective project for your school district.  Midwest Mechanical can deliver all of these points of value through our NCPA Co-Op contract which is available to all public sector clients:

Elements Unique To Midwest Mechanical


The Midwest Co-Op Contract Offers the Best Project Delivery

Midwest Mechanical clearly stands alone when it comes to offering public sector clients accountability. Midwest is unique in its ability to self-perform everything from system design to system installation, all with in-house labor. This translates into Midwest being able to provide a complete solution with single point accountability. There is no outside consultant, or third party consultant to blame design or coordination issues on. There is no subcontractor to blame labor scheduling problems on. 100% of the accountability is with Midwest Mechanical.

Our ability to provide 100% accountability like no other offering, provides a significant level of comfort for our clients, and makes problem solving much easier and less stressful.

The Midwest Co-Op Contract Is the Fastest and Most Agile

Midwest is able to move a project from Idea to Completion faster than anyone in the market. We have the ability to do this because of two distinct reasons that set our company apart:

  1. Midwest has the Design resource

  2. Midwest has the Craft Labor resource

  3. Midwest has in-house Project Management

By having the Design resource as part of their staff, Midwest is able to quickly develop and design projects based upon the need of the client. Midwest is in full control of the design resource versus relying on the scheduling of a subcontractor. This flexibility allows Midwest to respond very quickly to customer requests.

Midwest Design Mechanical is unique in the marketplace in that we have union pipefitters, sheet metal workers, and electricians on the payroll and ready to be deployed on projects. This means that we are able to control labor deployment and work flow much better than if we were reliant on a subcontractor.

Design/Build is more efficient than the Traditional approach, when it comes to delivering a project in a tight timeframe. By doing multiple tasks in tandem, large amounts of cycle time can be saved.


The Midwest Co-Op Contract is the Most Cost Effective Choice To Implement A Project

The Midwest approach is unique in its ability to deliver the following to you:

  1. Midwest has removed the layer of costs which are prevalent from other procurement methods. Because the cost structure is so streamlined to the customer we deliver the Most Economical method to implement construction projects.

    • Midwest employees do the installation and design work for all Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, and Electrical work. No marked up subcontracts.

    • Our cost is the “lowest common denominator” when presented to our customers. Because we use “in-house” labor, there is no more cost effective way to implement a project.

  2. Our pricing approach ensures No change orders! Project price is guaranteed. Our project development process ensures that there is no scope creep or added cost to the project.

  3. Midwest is vendor neutral.

    • Midwest will install products which are the best economic and technical fit for the customer, which saves time and money.

    • Our Vendor Neutral commitment ensures that all products will be purchased in a competitive environment, resulting in the lowest delivered cost to our customers.

One of the attributes which makes Midwest Unique, is our ability to self-perform Design/Build projects. There was an extensive study completed by Penn State University which compared the various construction methods for public sector projects. The chart below is a compilation of the data which shows how Design/Build is more effective than either the Traditional(design/bid/build), and Construction Manager at-risk. The data supports the fact that Design/Build is better, faster, and more cost effective than the other methods.


Take advantage of this Better, Faster, More Cost Effective approach on your next project, by contacting Midwest Mechanical.  Here is a link to our NCPA contract: